Which Platform is Better? Blogger or WordPress

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Everyone wanting to create a blog is faced with the difficult decision of choosing a blogging platform. "Which blogging platform is best?" is a common question asked in blogging forums, and it usually leads to an endless debate among members, leaving the questioner unsure about what to do. Deciding on the right platform and sticking to it is important because you're probably not going to want to go to the trouble of moving your blog to a different platform if you change your mind.


Written by PiyushRegatta
1651 days ago

Hi Akhil!

I personally believe that blogger wins because not only its more secure but it is also a Google product which makes its much more reliable. WordPress tends to be prone to hacking which is its main downside!


Written by IndustryNewsCorp
1900 days ago

The age old question, but nice to see it brought back up every now and then. It all depends on your experience and comfort level. It also depends on if you want to have a professional looking site that you can customize (Wordpress) or live with the styles available (Blogger). Blogger is nice to automatically sync your Google Analytics and Adsense, but Wordpress seems to be easier for building SEO. The real answer is.....whatever has worked for you, just stick with it.

Written by tiroberts
1901 days ago

I personally think that wordpress is the best blogging platform, hands down. It give you the flexibility to fully customize it to the way you want it. You also exclusively own the blog and don't have to worry about anyone shutting it down. I used to have a blogger blog and it didn't do much for me. I'm so glad that I discovered wordpress, I'm much happier with the results I've gotten with this platform.


Written by thebloggerjourney
1901 days ago

Great post. After working with both platforms, I came with this conclusion: for those with little or no experience I recommend blogger.com. For those who need something professional and have some knowledge, wordpress

Written by bigmoneyweb
1901 days ago

Great post. Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular blogging platforms used today but we’re sometimes faced with the question of which is better between the two. This question got me going from one blog to another way back in 2009 when I wanted to start blogging, desperately searching for an answer. I got lots of confusing answers but had to settle with blogger when I weighed out my options and considered what I actually needed. Thanks for sharing.

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