Want To Improve Your Social Media Game? Friday Finds

Want To Improve Your Social Media Game? Friday Finds Avatar Posted by keepupweb under Social Media
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Want to improve your social media game? Increase the number of your social media shares and 30 of the best social media monitoring tools you can use. This and more in this week’s #FridayFinds.


Written by lyceum
869 days ago

Sherryl: You post is like a wrap-up of what have been happening during the week / recent time.

I am not sure that I would call social media a "game." For me it is a lifestyle - worklife.

Written by HeatherStone
874 days ago

Hi Sherryl,

As important as I think it is to share stuff about yourself in your bio, I think it's also important not to loose site of the idea that your bio should tell people what to expect from you. I'm not saying anything that hasn't probably been said a million times before. But it seems to me that it is hugely important to use your bio as another tool to tell people why they should be following/listening to you. In other words, your bio should first and foremost market your personal brand.

Written by keepupweb
874 days ago

Hi Heather,

I agree that our bio is part of our brand and we definitely need to communicate the value we offer and the problems that we solve. Rebekah suggests incorporating that into our story. She also stresses that social networks are designed to reach specific markets. We need to keep that in mind when we tweak our bio for the different sites. We have to communicate the value we add to that specific market.

Thanks for adding that.

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