Using Social Media in Times of Tragedy

Using Social Media in Times of Tragedy Avatar Posted by jennherman31 under Social Media
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In light of recent tragic events there have been many articles about what is or isn’t appropriate online behavior during these times. Like most things social media related, there is no standard rule to tell you how to handle these situations.

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Written by Entrepreneurosaurus
698 days ago

Hi Jenn,

You've absolutely hit the nail on the head. Knowing your audience is key. Also, I think, it depends on whether what you are tweeting or blogging or sharing about is closely related to the issues (including tragedies) happening in the news. Let's face it. If you blog and share pretty much exclusively about Pacific Rim finance, there are some news events, no matter how tragic, that may seem incongruous to your followers and readers. Trying to shoehorn the issue in may come off as simply inappropriate. Above all, know who you are talking to and use common sense.

Written by jennherman31
698 days ago

Absolutely! You bring up a great point about trying to "force" posts that may not be a good fit.

Written by tcamba
700 days ago

I think during tragedies, social media managers should recognize them and pay their respects. It gives your business a little bit of human touch, showing that you care. Thanks for the awesome share in Bizsugar!

Written by sumonmg
701 days ago

Really sorry to see your post , because unable to see it due to "The connection was reset" problem. could you correct the problem ?

Written by logistico
701 days ago

Thanks for this post! I agree with you when you say, "The best advice I can give you is this: Be sensitive to your audience". You need to be sensitive to the people involved while pursuing your social media strategy.

Written by jennherman31
701 days ago

Glad you agree :) It's hard to have a black and white rule and I think this is the best way to navigate the gray area.

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