Upgrade Your Pinterest To New Business Pages

Upgrade Your Pinterest To New Business Pages Avatar Posted by fionamceachran under Social Media
From http://www.abnormalmarketing.com 831 days ago
Made Hot by: Algernon00ps on November 20, 2012 5:31 am
Pinterest, the photo sharing network, has been growing and growing, and has been especially helpful in generating new business for some online stores.

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Written by BizRock
830 days ago

Pinterest is ascending to a higher level! :)

Written by lyceum
830 days ago

Fiona: I look forward to read your post on Instagram. I think that Instagram and Pinterest have the possibilities to attract new users and potential customers, compared to other more established social media sites. Both sites are very easy to use and visual in their style.

Written by lyceum
831 days ago

Fiona: I am using my Pinterest as a bookmarking tool for stuff I want to get in the future, sharing great literature, compiling a collection of tea related things, etc. Do you have some cases on how businesses have used Pinterest?

Written by fionamceachran
831 days ago

Hi Martin, that's funny you asking about businesses using Pinterest successfully. I've got a blog on this coming up soon. But first I'm about to publish a blog on businesses using Instagram successfully, which is another photo sharing social network.

With Facebook upsetting so many businesses lately, many are turning to alternative networks to engage their customers and potential customers.

Written by fionamceachran
832 days ago

Thanks Valentine for your comment. Yes, it's not surprising to see Pinterest making this move. I think it's only a matter of time before advertising is introduced. All social networks (successful ones) seem to head that way eventually...

Written by bigmoneyweb
832 days ago

Perhaps Pinterest has finally acknowledged that it’s time to woo the business community right before the crucial holiday season. Or maybe it’s testing the water for its monetization plans. Thanks for sharing.

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