Social Media: 6 Steps to Making Your Way

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I do not have a silver bullet or a crystal ball that will give you results. But, I can tell you how you can get started and how you can maintain your efforts without the crash and burn that I see so many people experience.


Written by HeatherStone
803 days ago

Hi Rachel,

So what would be your top tip for choosing the right social media channel/channels for your business?

Written by centralpawebster
803 days ago

Hi Heather,

Wow! Fantastic question.

To select the best channels for your business, we combine two components: channels that house your target audience and channels that will support your goals.

For example, let’s say your target audience is made up of higher-income women in California. And, let’s say your goal is to drive people to your website where they can make a purchase. Along with that goal, some people often want to increase SEO and brand awareness.

I would probably recommend a blog – and perhaps Facebook. Here’s why:

• Blogs drive 2-3x more website traffic, on average, than social media alone.

• Blogging remains as one of the top ways to improve your search engine rankings, aside from paid advertising.

• Each new blog post is a new page of information that can be indexed by Google – and thus found in search.

• Facebook’s dominate gender are women and it’s filled with high-income users as nearly 70% of the audience earns more than $75,000 per year.

• Two California cities (Los Angeles and San Francisco) rank in the top 10 of the highest user-base for Facebook.

• Facebook advertising options allow page managers to target their audience like no other platform.

This is a very abbreviated version of how we combine goals with target audience, but it gives you a snapshot of our process. We typically spend 3 to 4 hours researching and narrowing our decision before making our final recommendations.

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