Should Your Business Abandon Facebook for Google+?

Should Your Business Abandon Facebook for Google+? Avatar Posted by centralpawebster under Social Media
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With the recent Facebook algorithm changes, is it time to make a gradual exit from Facebook business pages in favor of Google+?

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Written by centralpawebster
110 days ago

You CAN have both! And I think it's wise to consider all of your options!

Written by lyceum
110 days ago

Good to hear that! :) I want to integrate Google+ more in my daily routine, but it will take some time to do that.

Written by loebig
111 days ago

That's like asking if you should abandon drinking for eating. :)

Written by lyceum
110 days ago

What do you like to drink and eat? Btw: Thanks for your tweet... ;)

Written by lyceum
111 days ago

Can't you have both Facebook and Google+? ;)

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