My love/hate relationship with social media

My love/hate relationship with social media Avatar Posted by BambiGordon under Social Media
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Made Hot by: tcamba on March 20, 2014 11:46 pm
Social media isn't a silver bullet and it won't work on its own. And despite all the good it can do many a small business has fallen into the trap of setting their 'free' tool and then expecting it to be their marketing department.


Written by BambiGordon
619 days ago

Thanks Heather. And of course you are right that the mix depends upon the match between what you are promoting and who you are promoting to. But...the keyword here is mix. Not just one channel or type of channel (social media) is enough to market a brand (product, service, B2B or B2C). So, for the Ebook Author - promote online, across a variety of platforms (including posting to Biz Sugar), and use those platforms slightly differently to accommodate how your potential purchasers use those platforms. But drive folk back to your landing page, grab their email address, email them a special offer, link them through to registering for an event you have. And while you are doing that - speak at real world events, have an article published in a printed journal. I don't think I can think of a business who doesn't need a mix. As Sara Lee said: Layer upon Layer upon Layer.

Written by HeatherStone
619 days ago

Hi Bambi,

Thanks for contributing the great post. Don't you think it's also maybe a question of the kind of business we're talking about too? I would think, for example, that promoting an ebook would be much different than promoting a brick and mortar business. While one might require mostly online marketing, the other would certainly require a mix, with much more local advertising and local promotion out in the real world. What's your take? How does the kind of business you're promoting enter in?

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