Engagement rules on Twitter right? I’ve always said that and still believe it fully. But what if your tweet go re-tweeted by someone who had many Twitter followers? What would happen? I had seen it happen a few times and stored it in my memory, but when I saw it again yesterday I thought I would share the action that follows it for you. Of course I did a little more research since and found more examples to share with you below that you may really enjoy. (Note the re-shares.) These may get you so excited to pump up your Twitter action today, start getting many twitter followers and your tweets tweeted further info Twitterland.

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Written by lyceum
108 days ago

Lisa: I checked it out and then I stumble up on a service called Unfollowers.com and have now unfollowed 100 users that haven't been active for at least 3 months. I will do another run today.

Written by lyceum
108 days ago

Lyceum: Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it very much. I don't think that I have used Tweepi, so I have to check it out. Thank you very much for the link! :)

Written by Inspiretothrive
108 days ago

I hope you find it as useful as I have Lyceum!

Written by lyceum
133 days ago

Lisa: Thanks for the tips on how to engage on Twitter. Would you say that a retweet by an influential Twitter user with many followers is having the same impact as getting a incoming link from an A-blogger?

I would appreciate advice on how to get my followers on Twitter due to my dilemma if the so called follow limit. I am following more than 4391 tweeps, but I have "only" 3977 followers, so I can't follow new tweeps at the moment.

Written by Inspiretothrive
108 days ago

Hi Lyceum - interest question - I would say yes because you may get more of those incoming links that way. Do you use http://tweepi.com/ ? It's a great way to check if followers are active or not. Anyone that hasn't tweeted in 30 days or more I usually unfollow. I hope that helps!

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