Manage Social Media in 20 Minutes Per Day

Manage Social Media in 20 Minutes Per Day Avatar Posted by HollyHanna under Social Media
From 749 days ago
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Social media has become a valuable tool for businesses and entrepreneurs alike, as they promote interaction and networking on a regular basis. At the same time, they can lead to spending hours per day doing nothing but scouring the web aimlessly.

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Written by toushenne
745 days ago

Great reading here, Amanda. I quite like the idea of bulk actions, are you for any chance familiar with "sprints"?

I use Buffer, too, to feed my Twitter and Facebook Stream - I love it. But I agree with Mys: TweetDeck is my choice. Although it was acquired by Twitter and not HootSuite as far as I know? Anyway, they should continue working on it whoevers in charge ;-)

Written by myspalmer
747 days ago

I dunno Holly. I love the post, don't get me wrong, but I was a big fan of tweetdeck before Hootsuite acquired it and removed a lot of the features that made it unique. Yes, hootsuite is valuable but I found your other tips, particularly gathering ideas in bulk and organizing 'em most valuable. Thanks for the share!

Written by thebloggerjourney
748 days ago

I use Hootsuite to schedule the posts I want to share, but I keep active in Social Networks. I usually spend 30 minutes for Facebook and the same for Twitter. You get better response when your followers see you want to hear what they want to say, and reply to them.

Written by Sian Phillips
749 days ago

Interesting post. Whilst I agree that you don't have to spend a lot of time on Social Media to work for you I think you need to ensure that you engage with people. Scheduling is great and I use it a lot but I also reply when people tweet/share/comment so they know I am interested. I don't think that can all be done in just 20 minutes a day. It doesn't have to interfere in my work life (although admittedly some of my work life is social media based) You can take a coffee break, commuting (not driving), sat in front of the tv - and still be chatting on Social Media. So yes you can limit your time but be careful you aren't missing out on the most important bit - being social. Thanks for sharing on

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