Is social media responsible for our lack of privacy? Maybe we need to take a good look at ourselves before we attribute motives to the wrong culprit...


Written by tiroberts
1717 days ago


I agree with you. How much a person reveals on social media is the sole discretion of the individual. I think that some markets benefit more from being more open and candid about their lives, but regardless of the market it's up to that person. I'm a pretty open person in my marketing. I don't mind sharing snippets of my live with my following. Now, would I let them in on what's going on in my personal relationships with my spouse? Of course not. My market doesn't really warrant that. However, someone who's in the relationship and dating niche could potentially benefit from exposing this part of their life.

I'm actually more inclined to believe that people who are more open with their lives do better in social media and have a much more loyal following than those who don't. But, I would be choosy as to what parts of my life I'm open about.

Again, great post and I appreciate you sharing it on BizSugar :)


Written by Sian Phillips
1717 days ago

I completely agree with you always. Sometimes I see updates on Social Media that I think "eewww - didn't really need to know that thanks." I have to admit that I have done it once or twice but try to avoid as much as possible. For me it's like airing your dirty laundry - why would anyone want to do that? Saying all that I do have a very personal post in the works but I believe that by sharing the post it will help other people faced with the same problem, so that's a bit different I hope. But yes, privacy is what you make it - don't say it on Social Media if you want to keep it private - pretty simple really. Thanks for sharing on

Written by cendrinemedia
1717 days ago

Thank you, Sian!

Well, there is definitely a difference between airing your dirty laundry and sharing stories that could help others.

The former are stupid, the latter are needed. ;-)

Written by tcamba
1718 days ago

Social media has provided a way for users to share their lives. The PROBLEM is people share things that aren't really worth sharing. I prefer sharing stories that we can empathize. Social media should be for stories, stories that people can relate and empathize with.

Written by cendrinemedia
1718 days ago

Absolutely, Tcamba!

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