How To Write a Blog When You Hate To Write

How To Write a Blog When You Hate To Write Avatar Posted by jennherman31 under Social Media
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Let’s face it, not many of us are actually gifted writers. Most bloggers aren’t going to win a Pulitzer prize for their writing. And yet, there are millions of bloggers out there. And many of them are actually successful with their blogs. So, if they can succeed at it, why can’t you?


Written by tiroberts
1797 days ago

Awesome post, Jenn. I actually love to write and I find that I express myself better through writing, so I feel my written blog post are better than any other form of content I create. However, video is a great alternative to writing and I've been using it a lot lately as I don't have as much time to write as I'd like. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.


Written by jennherman31
1797 days ago

That's great Ti! It's nice to know what your strengths are and to capitalize on those. But it's also good to know what alternatives are out there and how to take advantage of those as well. Pushing yourself outside your normal comfort zone and learning to implement more video will continue to help you develop your audience and your brand!

Written by SusanBrown
1798 days ago

Hi Jenn,

A lot of people struggle with this issue. Writing is a skill that can be improved with work and practice, but at the end of the day, some people are just more gifted in this area than others.

What I've often suggested to people is that they find other methods of communication that they are more comfortable with, such as video, imagery, audio, presentations, etc, and then make those their focus. It doesn't mean they should stop writing completely, but that they should play to their strengths and minimize the areas that are unpleasant or don't come naturally.

Written by jennherman31
1797 days ago

Thanks for your comments, Susan! You bring up very valid points that there are other options besides actually "writing" a blog that many people may feel more comfortable with. And to that end, many people prefer to listen to podcasts or videos rather than read blogs.

So, yes, when an alternative is available or practical, we should definitely consider options besides writing a blog. However, sometimes these options aren't the most viable solution, and a traditional written blog is the preferred means of communication. For these instances, I hope that people can find help in the post I've written here.

Written by bigmoneyweb
1798 days ago

I think writing is never inborn with someone, its a skill everyone can comfortably build up. Its all about doing it even when you don't feel like and with time, you will certainly get used to it.Thanks for sharing this with the community.


Written by jennherman31
1797 days ago

I agree, Val. Some are more inclined to write than others but that doesn't mean that everyone can't learn to do it well. And practice makes perfect!

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