Since Twitter became a very popular social media platform, many businesses have been leveraging its advantage, as a very effective marketing tool.

With Twitter, you can develop your brand interact with your
clients, promote your products or services, and spread word
about your business. In order to get great results from your Twitter marketing campaigns, you must stick with these seven tips:


Written by lyceum
1869 days ago

Valentine: Thanks for the tip! I will check it out.

Written by lyceum
1869 days ago

Twitter is one of my favorite social media channel. I have participated in this kind of cocktail party, listening to several radio stations of lifestreams, since 2007. Right now I am looking for a tool to help me clean up some of Twitter users I am following, so I can follow new tweeps. I have reached the "follow limit". Twitter has put a cap at 2000 users that you are following. I am following over 4000 users at the moment, but have "only" 3800 followers, so I can't follow new tweeps at the moment. Do you have tips on a tool that take care of this situation?

Written by bigmoneyweb
1869 days ago

Hi Lyceum,

You should try so that you can trash out those people that not been active for ages or like dead followers lol.... You will love it. Let me know how it works for you.


Written by tcamba
1870 days ago

The 7 rules you have mentioned are helpful and they are the most important. I have found productive uses for Twitter and I do agree to make your tweets sound professional for business relations. Thank you for posting , bigmoneyweb.

Written by bigmoneyweb
1870 days ago

Thank you bro for your comment, glad you found the post very helpful :)

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