How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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If you want to improve your social media marketing to more effectively communicate your company's message, boost your brand, and market your latest product or service, look no further than this primer from Chris Brogan. Brogan reviews the most important qualities you need to understand to improve your social media message. Those qualities go far beyond a simple mastery of the tools you use to communicate through social media. It includes an understanding of what Brogan calls the 5C's. These 5C's are the key to understand not only how to improve your social media marketing campaign but even how to develop your products and services more effectively to fit the story you have to tell.

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Written by SMARTSMMBiz
516 days ago

I'm seeing a lot of focus on the trappings, like getting x amount of likes or followers by a certain date because people feel that that metric is what social media is all about. There's a need for social media to be more social and people are starting to get that...

Written by HeatherStone
518 days ago

But I think the reason people keep talking about the tools is that there's this really slowly breaking wave of adoption that's still going on. I still have conversations with business owners who are trying to get a feel for social media, so every time I try to take things to the next level, I feel like I'm talking over people's least some times.

Written by tcamba
518 days ago

Reading your article is very enriching. All I have to do is to learn these five concepts and put them into practice. Thanks !

Written by BizRock
519 days ago

Social media marketing can be boring but not dead! :)

Thank you for sharing here at BizSugar!

Written by adrianoarwin
519 days ago

Definitely Social Media is all about being Social and that is why it is called Social Media right? It's all about building relationships and creating connections with influential individuals.

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