Negative comments are bound to happen when small businesses use Social Media. Here's a story of how those negative comments can actually help the Small Business

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Written by MarkT
642 days ago

I think it can be very tempting to want to hide negative comments on social media and I think its generally the first reaction. But its almost never the best move to make.

Written by SocialBrothers
642 days ago

We agree Mark. In many cases when you land on a Fan Page or profile that has 100% positive comments many users automatically discredit the comments. If your brand is selling to hundreds of customers, you're naturally going to get a negative comment here and there. This is so common that the consumer generally just wants to see how the brand reacts and responds to the negative comment. Do it right and you build more trust, do it wrong and you lose more business. Thanks for your comment!

Written by tcamba
649 days ago

Indeed, I really appreciate those firms that accepts users/customers opinions and take the criticism constructively. It's like turning a negative feedback into a friendly positive room for improvement.

Written by SocialBrothers
648 days ago

Absolutely, and to be honest that is part of the reason why Social Media is so powerful. It puts you in direct contact with your customers and allows you to be able to have constructive conversations and information on how to improve your business. This is a great way for any brand to improve upon their products or services.

Written by tcamba
654 days ago

We cannot please everyone. So, expect negative comments popping out now and then. Rude, abusive ,offensive, unjust comments from customers just seeking reaction, I ignore or delete them. But, how do we handle valid, negative comments or complaints ? Should we do it privately or publicly, or is this case to case basis?

Written by SocialBrothers
653 days ago

Great question! Our recommendation is to respond to the negative comment publicly, however invite the user to connect with you somewhere more private.

For example, if the comment is on a Facebook Fan Page, respond to the comment asking them to send you more details in the private message feature built into the Fan Page. This lets all the other Fans know that you saw the comment and are addressing it. But it also respects the customer by keeping it private and protects your brand by not giving away more than you have too. When the issue is resolved, visit the public comment again and respond again with something like; "Again, we apologize that you had this experience, we're glad that we were able to correct this issue, please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you." This response ends the negative comment and tells anyone else that comes across it that it was indeed resolved.

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