Facebook still dominates the social networking world

Facebook still dominates the social networking world Avatar Posted by cendrinemedia under Social Media
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It is not in 2013 that Facebook will stop making the headlines.

According to Vincenzo Cosenza’s latest World Map of Social Networks, the networking site remains the major player in the social media realm. The map is updated twice a year in June and December based on Alexa traffic data, and tracks the most popular platforms by country.


Written by cendrinemedia
973 days ago

Thank you all for your comments!

Written by lyceum
973 days ago

Facebook is here to stay for a long time, I think. But if someone comes up with a better way to build an integrated platform, it could become a real competitor (not only one with local flavor like outposts discussed in the article, e.g., QZone in Asia and V Kontakte in Russia). I did a presentation on this topic ("Gang of 4" +1 New Kid on the Block. Facebook, Google+, Amazon, Apple & SiteTalk.) at a Mac user group event in 2011.

Here is the presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/lyceum/gotamac20111206

I recommend you to read Phil Simon's book, The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business.

Written by tcamba
973 days ago

Facebook is a good idea to grow business. It is a great tool for marketing my products as oftentimes my friends share my status or images even without my invitation. My massive sales have come through Facebook, this is the benefit of gaining " likes". Thanks for sharing!

Written by tiroberts
974 days ago

It's obvious that Facebook isn't going anywhere any time soon, if ever. It's still one of the biggest places to engage in social media and will most likely always be. I personally prefer Twitter's platform over FB just because it's easier to use, but according to my stats FB sends most of my traffic and that's where my audience is - so it makes sense for me to stay where most of my social traffic is. Thanks for sharing your insights on this, Cendrine. I appreciate it!


Written by bigmoneyweb
974 days ago

Great article. Facebook has complete rule of the social world. If this was the game of Risk, Mark Zuckerberg would have conquered the world because he occupies the most territories globally. Thanks for sharing.

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