Does social media affect your business Website's ranking on Google? It certainly does, according to a recent study by Search Engine Optimization and digital design company Tasty Placement. Check out the cool infographic shared by SEO copywriter Rachel O'Riordan which may serve as something of an eye opener, if you regularly use social media to market your Website. According to the results of the study, not only do social media channels have a distinct impact on your Website's Google ranking, some have a distinctly greater impact than others. It may not be too hard to figure out which social sites have the greatest affect on your Google ranking or why. But the results may cause you to tweak your social media strategy, at least as far as SEO is concerned.


Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1968 days ago

Great post! Not surprising that Google had such strong result since they practically "own" search. I know a lot of people are focused on not making Google mad, Panda, Penguin but I have to wonder if any such test was done with Bing. How do FB, Twitter, +1 stack up with them? Thanks for sharing

Written by larryjam
1968 days ago

I liked your article and I agree with Tiroberts. I don't think that Google is finished with it's algorithm changes and I think that the social media engagement with your site and Google+ has a much bigger role to play in the future.

Written by tiroberts
1969 days ago

Great post. I think that social media has a lot to do with Google ranking, but I don't believe that much attention should be given to Google. Google is changing everyday and the focus should be more so on building your own personal list so you can control your traffic and build your own asset. Neither social media or Google can control that. Thanks for sharing this post on BizSugar.


Written by bigmoneyweb
1969 days ago

Great post shawn. If you run a website, you know how important search engine rankings can be. Getting your site on the first page of Google can bring in advertising dollars, an influx of new customers, or widespread awareness of your cause. However, there is much more to ranking high on Google than just optimizing your website for certain keywords. Social media can help (or hurt!) your placement – and the folks at TastyPlacement have done a little testing to see how much Google+, Facebook and Twitter really do affect search results. Thanks for sharing.

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