After digital strategist Hollis Thomases wrote “11 Reasons a 23-Year-Old Shouldn't Run Your Social Media” for Inc. magazine, a firestorm of controversy ensued. Here's a look at the aftermath.


Written by lmswan
2065 days ago

Thanks, all, for commenting. I am so happy to see such smart, interesting commenters weighing in! I think that there are numerous generalizations made regarding social media, both for younger and older people. And that's unfortunate.

Written by HeatherStone
2065 days ago


Your points are good, but to me the problem really is one of experience and judgement, and experience often, though not always, comes with age. Really, all too often older people, and by older I mean over 40, are perceived as not having the comfort level with social media and technology that 20-somethings have, and are looked over not only for that "reason" but because younger people will often work for less. And with women, frankly I think it's about superficial qualities like looks..the younger or more attractive women get to be the PR "face". It's not that there aren't highly competent young people working in PR/social media marketing--there are. It's that the 20-something age group should not be allowed to dominate this area because of other, more superficial qualities. And in this, I'm talking about women in particular, because as is known universally, age-ism works against the older woman more so than the younger.

I think the article you referenced was a backlash against just what I am referring to: younger women, recent YOUNG grads dominating the field. And overall I happen to agree.

But blanket statements aside, as you seem to highlight, it's really all about the serious-minded, social savvy, and experienced they are. If they would just LISTEN to their audience, they will do well no matter what age they are.

Written by lyceum
2066 days ago

I don't think of age. Period. ;) I often have to respond to the statement that social media is only for kids and teenagers. I am so-called "middle age" now and I have been blogging and other social media activities since 2002, so I have some experience at this stage. I think it is important that social media (new media, marketing mix, permission / conversational marketing) activities are applied through the whole organization.

Written by stacieawalker
2066 days ago


I love this article! My view on all of this is that age is nothing but a number.

Just a label that was created and forced upon us in a distant past.

It should be about what the individual brings to the business.

I’m 35 now, but I founded my business in my late 20′s and was not always taken seriously because of my age. It was very disappointing and irrational.

Thanks for sharing this valuable and interesting information.

To Your Success,

Stacie Walker

Written by bigmoneyweb
2066 days ago

Well, I understand sometimes age has something to do with social media unlike us who were born on 80s and brought up with my parent whit discipline unlike children of nowadays who lacks respect and morals should never been given an ideas to run a business account because they will end up messing it around.

Thanks for sharing!

Written by tcamba
2068 days ago

The age card should never be considered when it comes to social media. It's somebody who knows your vision and mission that is important.

Written by BizRock
2068 days ago

I really don't know what is better, whole post or Ti Roberts comment! Age is really just a another not important number if you want to run successful social media campaign for your or for another one business!

Thank you for sharing!

Written by tiroberts
2068 days ago

I totally agree with this post, very well written. I don't believe that age has anything to do with how well someone can manage a social media campaign. To even say that is pure discrimination in my book. In general a person must have good people skills and know how to socially engage on behalf of your company to do well in social media.

I'm 26. I run my own blog and do all of my own social media engagement and I think I do quite well. I know plenty of other business owners who do their own social media too and do just as well and I do. It's not because of our ages, it's because we understand our vision for our businesses that allows us to be successful in social media.

Thanks for sharing your insights on this topic and sharing it on I appreciate it!


Written by stacieawalker
2066 days ago


You are doing quite well as a young female entrepreneur. I absolutely agree with your comment. It is discrimination.


Stacie Walker

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