9 Ways President Trump Will Teach You To Tweet Smarter

9 Ways President Trump Will Teach You To Tweet Smarter Avatar Posted by Inspiretothrive under Social Media
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Want to tweet smarter today? Love or hate him, President Trump can tweet smart. He may appear harsh or quick witted but he can get his point across when no one else will listen. That’s the beauty of Twitter. You can express your opinion to your followers. President Trump has been on Twitter since March 2009. President Trump is not new to Twitter.

Twitter is easier to get your messages out. On Facebook you have to be friends. Then there are the algorithm changes on Facebook so frequently not everyone will see your posts. Even Facebook friends can miss your posts if they don’t comment or like any of your previous ones.


Written by tiroberts
493 days ago

Even though I don't use Twitter much, this is an interesting concept.

Written by Inspiretothrive
491 days ago

Tiroberts, you are missing out!

Written by Inspiretothrive
493 days ago

Lol, yes but that was relevant on a special day :) Good catch!

Written by lyceum
494 days ago

Lisa: Regarding your sentence: "He doesn’t tweet about what he eats." Didn't he tweet about Trump Tower tacos on Cinco de Mayo? ;)

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