6 Easy Ways Social Media Can Build Your Business Now

6 Easy Ways Social Media Can Build Your Business Now Avatar Posted by rradice under Social Media
From http://rebekahradice.com 141 days ago
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It’s no secret that social media is hot. It is the tool Du jour for any business professional eager to expand their reach. But how can businesses maximize their time spent online? Six quick ways businesses large and small can benefit.

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Written by Steven J Fromm, JD, LLM (Tax)
134 days ago

Hey Rebekah: Thanks for the tip. I just went to your website and found another interesting article. Left a comment there. Also, just followed you at Pinterest. Man you are one busy girl. My Pinterest site needs to get beefed up to compare to yours. Well done.

Side question: Where do we see a list of our posted articles here at BizSugar? I cannot find them so I cannot track which articles are posted. This has me stymied.

Written by rradice
134 days ago

Thank you Steven! I appreciate the connections across social! If you click on your profile, you will see a tab for your submissions. That will be a list of every article you've submitted along with any activity. I hope that helps!

Written by AngelBiz
136 days ago

Rebekah - Great advice. if I can add to it... Make sure you engage in a dialog with your customers in social media rather than bombarding them with marketing messages. One way broadcasting is a quick way to turn off your users and customers.

Written by rradice
134 days ago

Absolutely! I completely agree. There is no quicker way to turn off potential customers than to promote, promote, promote.

Written by BizRock
140 days ago

Social Media helps your business to find new customers, increase sales and improve your traffic.Very useful tips,thank you!

Written by Steven J Fromm, JD, LLM (Tax)
141 days ago

Hey Rebekah: Very sound post here. The opening statistics make it clear that engagement is key. Building a list is key. It seems that you have to build so many different lists. For me there are my email contacts, clients, friends. Then LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, etc. This can get really time consuming. Add in Twittter and Pinterest and man o man this is overwhelming.

I was surprised Mail Chimp is free. Can it do it for all of the above and is there a charge as volume increases?

I am going to now look at your calendar strategy via the link you provide. Anyway, very helpful and informative post. Thanks.

Written by rradice
134 days ago

Mailchimp still remains one of the best options out there for building a list Steven due to cost. Take a look at their "always free" options and see if it offers what you're looking for. I have a feeling it probably will.

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