By Jean Dion

In mid-November, a tiny toy company stirred up a huge controversy with just one little advertisement that featured three wee girls singing altered lyrics to a song by the Beastie Boys. The ad was so nifty, and the song used in the ad was so catchy, that it quickly took off on social media and garnered the company rave reviews, like this one from Slate.

Unfortunately, that high lasted only a few weeks, and it ended in a lawsuit and a public apology. Now, plenty of pundits are debating about whether this small company will rebound in time for the holiday season or whether devoted fans of the aggrieved party will boycott all future products the company chooses to make.

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Written by smpayton
124 days ago

I didn't even hear about that! And I love the Beastie Boys. Anyway, you've got to be keenly aware of your reputation these days. That emptiness on their Facebook page didn't win them any new fans, I'm sure.

Written by lyceum
125 days ago

So the lesson is to stay away from rap music?! ;) Joking aside, check with the creator first and if he / she has a representative. Get it on paper!

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