What I have also discovered is that this is only one piece of the traffic generation puzzle because as much as you plan your keywords based on research, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll have enough traffic to make a serious leap. Here are few other ways to get the word about your blog in a way that will get your site in front of people you wouldn’t normally have access to.


Written by enstine
1927 days ago

It's exciting I'm reading this shortly after I just published my latest squidoo lense. I have decided to use squidoo this year to its fullest. Hope it helps

Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1927 days ago

Enstine, that is awesome! I am going to see how I can really take advantage of Squidoo a lot more this year. If you want to share you can let me know and I'll give you a squidlike

Written by tiroberts
1928 days ago

Great tips, D., especially re-purposing. It's fantastic for getting additional traffic streams to your blog and opening it up to an entire new audience. I often re-purpose my blog and guest posts as content for forum posts. This is perfect for providing value and driving targeted high-quality traffic to my landing page. Thanks for sharing. :)


Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1927 days ago

This is the year that I will be concentrating on Squidoo so I'm excited to get my post count up and then slowly find a way to get that going. Thanks Ti!

Written by bigmoneyweb
1929 days ago

Attracting website traffic is one of the most important parts of making money online. The more people you can get to visit your site, the more money you can potentially make. These simple traffic attracting methods are great for new websites and even long running blogs. It lets you use your time wisely to advertise your presence without costing you any money. Thanks for sharing.

Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1929 days ago

Exactly. I'm all about minimizing cost while maximizing the impact. Thanks for your comment

Written by OnlineMarketingMuse
1929 days ago

Great - and often overlooked - suggestions!

Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1929 days ago

Totally agreed and I'm making it my goal in 2013 to take advantage of as many of these as possible. Thanks!

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