3 tips how you can use Twitter to Network

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3 reasons why you should use Twitter to network

Deciding whether to use Twitter for networking requires you to ask 3 key questions:

Do you often meet new people? Do you often attend seminars, conferences, workshops and networking parties?
Do you read about industry news and developments? Do you often ask tough questions? Do you frequently have an urge to find answers to these questions?
Do you always look to improve in your niche? Do you jump at opportunities to go abroad for industrial exchanges?

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Written by Saqi316
1940 days ago

I use twitter but not so effectively...After reading this, I'm feeling the heat and I can smell how easily we can make twitter community fall in love with our content.

Written by JasonHJH
1939 days ago

Thank you for sharing! I've also replied you on the comments section in the post :)

Happy new year!

Written by tcamba
1940 days ago

I frequently use Facebook as my main source of advertisement but I have realized that I must not put my eggs in that basket only. Twitter is really a huge marketing and information tool . Thank you for sharing!

Written by JasonHJH
1940 days ago

You're absolutely right. Over time I realised that each platform fits in very nicely and serves different purposes. Most importantly, if you need to get something done, its best to hit as many channel as possible and necessary . Distribution is key, thank you for sharing too!

Written by bigmoneyweb
1941 days ago

The more popular Twitter becomes, the better it becomes for networking. As more people flock to sign up, more employers realize how useful Twitter is for recruitment, more colleges provide job-related resources on Twitter, and more success stories are born each day. Thanks for sharing.

Written by JasonHJH
1941 days ago

Yes, as you mentioned, it will soon become a ubiquitous tool for internal operations as well.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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