The LEGO Success Story

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There is nothing more inspiring than a success story. Here is one of my favourite stories I would like to share you: The Lego success story.


Written by lyceum
1871 days ago

Coming from Scandinavia, LEGO is a well-known brand. They even have their own amusement park in Denmark. Did you know that they have special group of adult customers who are playing along with the building blocks and coming up with new product ideas all the time? Have you heard about the Asian copy-cat, 0937? Turn the word LEGO upside down and you get the number "0937".

Written by ivanpw
1871 days ago


Lucky you! Visiting a Legoland is one of the items in my bucket list... :D

Lego copycats are everywhere, sadly. I've never actually heard of 0937, but I know "Bela," "Lele," "Becool," etc.

Written by tcamba
1871 days ago

Remembered also the time when I have stepped on it. :(

Written by ivanpw
1871 days ago


I can relate to that!

Written by tcamba
1871 days ago

T_T I actually cried. I can so relate to the story. I have played with lego bricks when I was young seeing and the video was like a slap of nostalgia. How I missed my childhood.

It really does show that at the end of the day, only those who persevere, believe in their dreams and find means to achieve those dreams can succeed.

This was a nice treat back to childhood.

I cannot thank you enough Ivan. Thank YOU! Thank YOU!

Written by ivanpw
1871 days ago

:D Yeah - but luckily, I can now play Lego with my kids... so, yeah - childhood revisited :)

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