The Caribbean, or Italy?

The Caribbean, or Italy? Avatar Posted by AngelaMoore under Self-Development
From 416 days ago
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At some point when we're all "grown up" we no longer take time to dream big. Real stories and three tips to get you thinking about what you really want.

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Written by lyceum
408 days ago

Angela: I read Tim Ferris's book several years ago and I have since then bought his book on the body and now the chef. I have a lifestyle and travel blog called AtlasAnd (that I haven't updated for some time ;)) that is inspired by this lifestyle design attitude.

I want to talk with you more about this ideas in the near future.

Written by AngelaMoore
406 days ago

Hi Martin - I've got Tim's other books on my wish list! The concept is inspiring to say the least and something I hope more people embrace. Look forward to chatting further.

Written by HeatherStone
417 days ago

Hey Angela,

Realizing your dreams is really no different, whether it's moving to an exotic location or starting a small business. It requires more than just a dream. It requires a plan to make that dream a reality. Thanks for sharing this with the BizSugar community.

Written by lyceum
408 days ago

Heather: I agree with you that you have to have a plan in action. I like the phrase: ideas in action. What kind of plan tool do you use? Are you a visual person so you use mindmaps or mood-boards? Or do you write down a bullet point list? Or a combination or something else?! ;)

Written by AngelaMoore
416 days ago

Ah, that makes sense. That's wonderful, I just thought I was missing something. Thanks for taking the extra time to stop by my site! I'm enjoying this community -so much great content.

Written by HeatherStone
417 days ago

Hi Angela,

Never sure where my messages will be read so I often leave them both places. Hope that's OK. Just trying to engage conversation here in the community. Nice to have you as a member, by the way.

Written by AngelaMoore
417 days ago

Hi Heather -thanks for the comment. I replied on my blog, I do agree with you, you can't simply dream. A strategy is critical. But, you can't make a plan without first knowing where you're going with it so that's what I was trying to inspire in my audience. They work really hard and often forget to step back and let their mind dream. is it that you can comment and it appears both here in Biz Sugar and on my post? Sorry I am still learning my way around the comment system.


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