Setting New Year Goals - Some Thoughts

Setting New Year Goals - Some Thoughts Avatar Posted by jennybhatt under Self-Development
From 1995 days ago
Made Hot by: titanofindustry on January 3, 2013 6:20 am
Happy New Year. Here’s wishing all you free agents a very successful 2013. May you achieve the goals, wishes and dreams that you set your mind to. Speaking of success, let’s use today’s post to explore how we set our goals / aims for achieving it.


Written by lyceum
1993 days ago

Jenny: I will post my reflections on your blog. Please feel free to remind me during the weekend via Twitter! :)

Written by lyceum
1993 days ago

Jenny: I have bookmarked (+1ed) your post so I can take some time to reflect on it during my first weekly review in 2013. On a related note, have you read Timothy Ferris's latest book, The 4-Hour Chef? Point 1 (Have at least 1 spectacularly ambitious new goal on your list) & especially point 8 (Learn 1 new personal skill) are on the same wavelength as Tim's writings.

Written by jennybhatt
1993 days ago

Thanks, Lyceum. Yes, please let me know how it goes in your weekly review.

Re. Timothy Ferris - I have his 4-Hour Workweek but have not read his latest one. I will add it to my to-read list now. I have had points 1 and 8 on my annual goals list since I was 18, I think, when one of my then-mentors recommended them to me. Good to know that other well-respected people also subscribe to similar thinking. Validates my own approach a bit more, I guess. :)

PS If you like, please post comments directly to the blog post when you revisit during your weekly review. I think other readers there (who do not come to BizSugar) will benefit as well. Thanks.

Written by tiroberts
1993 days ago

Wonderful post, Jenny. You've shared some great tips and suggestions here. I especially agree with creating and engineering something new. Taking your ideas and creating new things with them is one of the best ways to diversify your business and take it to the next level fast. Thanks for sharing your insights with our BizSugar community. I appreciate it!


Written by jennybhatt
1993 days ago

Thanks, Ti. Yes, that particular goal of creating / engineering something new is a favorite of mine too. If nothing else, it can help shake off some cobwebs and start off a series of changes. Appreciate your comments, as always.

Written by HeatherStone
1995 days ago

Hi Jenny,

This is definitely not your average goal setting tips list. Entrepreneurs of all stripes, no matter how large or small their businesses may be, know the importance of goal setting, but I'm not certain how many look into the process so deeply. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with the BizSugar community.

Written by jennybhatt
1995 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, Heather. Happy New Year to you.

For me, the process of goal-setting has to go beyond an intellectual exercise if I want to make big sustainable changes in life as a free agent. I hope others will find the post thought-provoking too. Thanks again.

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