Recently one of my leadership coaching clients and I had a discussion about the dynamics of a DISC assessment and its relationship to company leadership and employee motivation.


Written by elainerogers
1994 days ago

A high level of self-awareness enables us to become more aware of our environment, including those we work and live with. Profiling often throws up curve balls to really help us understand that all is not as it seems. I used an interesting (and very simple) matrix the other day with a group of fresh entrepreneurs - the Johari Window - many of them had never even wondered what they did not know about themselves, as they assumed they knew all there is to know. Oh boy, did I hear many pennies dropping that day :)

Great post Warren, keep up the great work!

Written by Warren Rutherford
1994 days ago

Elaine it sure is interesting to observe each individual's feedback to their behavioral preferences - and to then help them to understand how they can utilize what they now know to help them lead and manage better. Thanks.

Written by tcamba
1996 days ago

Can I have a little bit of everything? I am still deciding what type of leader I want to be. Maybe a leadership style that indulges in a discussion with my team and takes every member's opinion so that every member feels a part of it.

Written by Warren Rutherford
1994 days ago

Yes you can, however, your example indicates a strong "I" with a strong "S" component.

Written by lyceum
1997 days ago

I learned from my networking course that the course leader is used the disc model for the sales people when he was in the furniture businesses. Which profile fits you best? ;)

Written by Warren Rutherford
1994 days ago

Sales people are generally an "I" profile.

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