How to Be Married to An Entrepreneur

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It may the only thing harder than being an entrepreneur. Building a personal relationship, marrying, and building a family with an entrepreneur whose focus is also on the business they are building is not for the faint of art. But you are not alone in your efforts so rest assured others have experienced the same challenges. One of them is Meg Cadoux Hirshberg, wife of Gary Hirshberg, founder of Stonyfield Farms, the well-known organic yogurt producer. In this interview, Meg sits down with Jonathan Fields for a discussion on the incredible challenges of building a relationship, a family, and the myth of life balance when building a company and also trying to raise a family. It's a conversation you won't want to miss.


Written by tiroberts
2007 days ago

This is a great post and I've never run across an article such as this. Thanks for addressing this topic.

I'm the entrepreneur and it's challenging trying to build up a business while being in a relationship. In previous relationships often times my spouse would feel like they were getting the short end of the deal and felt like I was ignoring them or that they weren't important. This is very difficult to deal with and to be quite honest, this has been some of the main stressors of my past relationships.

However, today I'm with a beautiful person that fully supports me, my dreams and what I do. It's such a blessing to be with someone like that and I love how encouraging and motivating it is. I think having a supportive spouse makes all the difference.

Thanks for sharing this awesome post with our BizSugar community. I enjoyed and and I appreciate it!


Written by JonathanFields
2008 days ago

Glad you enjoyed the episode with Meg, it's a topic that's so important yet rarely focused upon in a meaningful way

Written by lyceum
2009 days ago

Jonatnan: I am glad to see that you are continuing with your podcast interview. I visited Stonyfield Farms and listened to Gary Hirshberg in the 90's. It was during my studies at Southern New Hampshire University (3 Year Program - Business Administration).

Written by HeatherStone
2010 days ago

Hi Jonathan,

This is a subject that isn’t covered nearly enough, maybe because so many entrepreneurs are focused so specifically on the how-to stuff. Don’t get me wrong. That’s all really important, but this stuff is too because it gets to the heart of what it means to be an entrepreneur. In many ways it affects the whole family and people who think it won’t are mistaken. As someone with plenty of personal experience in building relationships and families in the shadow of entrepreneurship, I found this interview both enlightening and inspiring. Thanks!

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