Connect and Give Rather than Ignore and Take

Connect and Give Rather than Ignore and Take Avatar Posted by Sian Phillips under Self-Development
From 1936 days ago
Made Hot by: sprint01 on November 7, 2012 7:43 pm
If you just think about it, everyone knows someone who may be useful to be connected to someone else they know. It can be business or personal – if you can connect people to improve their lives or productivity then why not do it?


Written by lyceum
1932 days ago

Sian: Have you heard the term coined by Dr. Ivan Misner (of BNI), "Giver's gain"?

Written by Sian Phillips
1930 days ago

I haven't but sounds along the same lines, thank you :)

Written by tiroberts
1935 days ago

Wonderfully written post, Sian. I agree, building up strong connections and relationships are extremely beneficial for various reasons. I've made several connections with high profile and up and coming bloggers that have proven to be very beneficial to me. It's all about giving and helping people get what they want, if you do that, you'll always get what you want. Thanks for sharing this post with our BizSugar community. I appreciate it!


Written by Sian Phillips
1935 days ago

I'm glad you liked it Ti, thanks for the lovely comment

Written by tcamba
1935 days ago

It is good to give especially when you are not looking for something in exchange. Do not give merely to get or receive. That is the true spirit of sincerity and generosity. And if you give and expect in return , you will be greatly disappointed. I have not heard of the book until now, The Go Giver, but I believe I should read it.

Written by Sian Phillips
1935 days ago

Thank you for the lovely comment. I would recommend the book - I don't normally read books like that but it's short and done like a story but with a powerful message so well worth it

Written by FrederiqueMurphy
1936 days ago

Hi Sián,

Great post, really enjoyed it!

And, glad to have played a small part in it ;-) I did it very naturally, I knew you would enjoy it, and connecting you on Twitter with Bob was a pleasure too!

You know, I actually do not believe in “coincidence”, I believe in synchronicity, and that post is a real synchronicity showcase! I also believe that for possibilities and opportunities to present themselves in your life, you must believe these can actually happen! And, then, they do!

Written by Sian Phillips
1936 days ago

Thanks so much for the lovely comment Frederique and all the help you've given me too. You are a true Go-Giver

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