Bad Business Advice: Do What You Love

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We've all heard the advice. Follow your passion! Do what you love! It seems especially appropriate advice for those attempting to turn a hobby into a career or business. Here's the trouble, though. Not everything you love may make a good business. And, many of us may have more than one passion. So following this path may turn out to be a bit frustrating, says blogger and entrepreneur Penelope Trunk. Ever the provocateur, Trunk suggests we just forget the idea of doing what we love and look instead at how our skills can be used to match the business and lifestyle we are seeking to build. Is following your passion really the wrong advice in business? What do you think?

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Written by ShawnHessinger
796 days ago


The real issue here is looking for a business or career you love to work on or something you are passionate about building. I can see getting passionate about doing or building many things. Not all are centered on my core passions or loves. For example, I love music, but this doesn't mean I can only create a business or career that revolves around music. Conversely, when I worked as a journalist, I loved writing about politics, but this doesn't really mean politics is my central passion or that I would enjoy other jobs working in and around politics. On the other hand, building a career or business doing something you absolutely hate can be difficult, because bringing the necessary time and energy to the process everyday to guarantee success just may not be possible. Just my two cents. Thanks again to Heather for sharing this post with the BizSugar community.

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