7 Steps For Dealing With Extremely Difficult People

7 Steps For Dealing With Extremely Difficult People Avatar Posted by CubeGuy under Self-Development
From http://cubepiphany.com 1941 days ago
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If you're dealing with difficult people in your life, here's how you can limit their effectiveness in 7 simple steps. This is the last guide that you will ever need to read on the topic of difficult people.


Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1941 days ago

There's this guy I used to work with. He was such a right fighter and our boss would take him on making him even more so. I've always asked myself if I'd rather be right or be happy. Well, happy wins all the time. Great post!

Written by CubeGuy
1941 days ago

Thanks so much! Just like you, I ask myself that exact same question when I'm deciding whether or not I want to engage in a drama-filled battle with a "right fighter", and 10 times out of 10, I always choose "be happy" over "be right." Thanks for reading!

Written by tiroberts
1941 days ago

Fantastic post, Shola. I've heard this so many times before "you can't change people, you can only change yourself and how you react to them". I just learned this important concept a few years ago and it has done wonders for improving the quality of my life. I still deal with my "difficult person" on a daily bases as of right now (working on changing that soon) and it's only through recalling what I learned about tailoring how I react to them that's got me through. Thanks for the awesome insights and reminder!


Written by CubeGuy
1941 days ago

Hey Ti! That is so true–you can’t change people, you can only change yourself and how you react to them. That sentence alone has brought me so much peace when dealing with difficult people, because in the end, I realized that the responsibility for my happiness was on 100% on me–not on the difficult person. As always Ti, thanks for your comment!

Written by CubeGuy
1941 days ago

Oops...sorry for the double comment. Nothing to see here, folks :)

Written by bigmoneyweb
1941 days ago

well written. We love it when we are acknowledged. We may not be crazy about when we are criticized, like being ignored. Being ignored is a terrible feeling for humans and one that we avoid like the plague. When this occurs, some people revert to “problem child” mode. These are the set of behavioral responses that are so ingrained that it is a reflexive series of actions. It is the default mode. thanks for sharing.

Written by CubeGuy
1941 days ago

So true, Big Money--humans love acknowledgment and hate being ignored, that is for sure. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading!

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