Hey Small business owner, wake up and use these tools in life and in business before it’s too late.


Written by Genemorrisgroup
1676 days ago

I have Evernote on both my iPad and iPhone and I use the app, but not like my notebook.. My biggest issues with apps, and I'm sure it's just me, is I tend to forget about them after awhile. I literally carry around a notebook, like I do my iPhone, my iPad and my wallet. It's there when I have a moment of inspiration and its there when I need to check something off my weekly list.. I really dig the hard copy. Not sayen it's for everybody but it works me..

Written by lyceum
1675 days ago

I agree with you Gene. I am for hands-on tools. The great thing with the Evernote Smartbook Notebook is that is a combination of pen, paper, notebook and additional storage in the cloud as a backup. The Moleskine products are high quality and it is a please to write in their notebooks.

Written by lyceum
1676 days ago

Gene: My next note taking tool will be Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine. Have you heard about it?

Written by Genemorrisgroup
1676 days ago

Good man Lyceum. I have NEVER been more productive since carrying around a notebook to write in. I'm always adding to it, and I'm always crossing off tasks.. I have never been able to do this with my iPad or my iPhone...

Written by lyceum
1676 days ago

Gene: I am taking a note about your tip, Become a Daily Note Taker. I always having a small Moleskine notebook in my backpocket.

Written by Genemorrisgroup
1677 days ago

Very good advice Tcamba. Personally, I still have trouble taking a step back when things get a little heavy, even though I know it's time for a break. It takes discipline.

Written by tcamba
1678 days ago

Manage your energy, not just only time management. A good common sense advice that can have a difference in the quality in our lives. You usually end up exhausted and most of the things are still unfinished . The key here is to find out when is your peak efficiency, where you put your energy, how to spend it wisely, and what is the best way to recover or replenish your energy.

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