The Cold Call and Why It Means So Much to Your Business

The Cold Call and Why It Means So Much to Your Business Avatar Posted by amabaie under Sales
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Entrepreneurs are visionary, passionate, and creative. They are energetic, enthusiastic and positive.  Until faced  with the idea of the Cold Call or even the follow up call. The cold call is often the stumbling block for many entrepreneurs and salespeople.

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Written by Dave Hubbard
548 days ago

Cold calling is a great sales skill that should be used rarely. It’s always easier to close a warm call than a cold call. Social sites like LinkedIn allow you to get help from your connections and be introduced and referred to potential prospects. It’s much more productive to call a hot prospect that has shown real interest in your company, than a stranger that doesn’t have a current need. Sales-driven marketing techniques, that use marketing technology to automatically convert leads into hot prospects, allow sales people to do more of what they were hired to do: sell and close deals.

Written by lyceum
549 days ago

Madonna Robinson a.k.a "call reluctance queen" has some good arguments for cold calling, but I must say that I am convinced not to try that route of calling people without some kind of established relationship. I am a trained networker in referral marketing and cold calling is not an option! ;)

Maybe I have to download her ebook, Cold Calling without Fear... ;)

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