Of course: Your level of service, the quality of experience you offer and many other emotion-driven factors come into play...
But pricing has massive psychological impact.

Ignore this critical aspect of business at your peril.

Pricing affects immediate AND longer-term opinions formed around your brand. It changes how customers feel — and ultimately has the power to equal business success or failure.

In this post, Sam Hurley is going to show you some super-easy yet ingenious tactics to price your products and services the right way…


Written by Sam-Hurley
92 days ago

Definitely, Erik! One of the oldest, smartest (and easiest) tricks in the book! :o)

Glad you enjoyed it, man. I love the effect of larger numbers on smaller prices ... Such a cool, simple tweak!

Written by ravichahar
92 days ago

Hey Erik,

The tweaks mentioned by Sam really work.

Thanks for sharing.


Written by Sam-Hurley
92 days ago

Thanks for all your awesome support and confirmation, Ravi!!!

:-D :-D :-D

Written by erikemanuelli
92 days ago

Hi Ravi,

thanks for the feedback.

Which tip do you like more?

Written by Sam-Hurley
93 days ago

Thanks for the share, Erik!!! :-D

Written by erikemanuelli
92 days ago

Pleasure, Sam. Those are smart tips!

I love Tweak #5: The Power Of 9. It always works!

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