Don’t Sell Where You Lose!

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"Well duuuhhh, Dave, thanks for that great insight!" As obvious as it sounds, one of the fastest ways to improve organizational or individual performance is to

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Written by dabrock
101 days ago

There are many good examples, unfortunately, I cannot name them. Just look at high performing sales organizations, look at their performance metrics and you can quickly discern those that are doing pretty well at this.

Written by lyceum
101 days ago

Dave: Thanks for your reply and tip on how to measuring high performing sales organizations!

Written by dabrock
101 days ago

It's easy to figure that out based on your win rate. Anytime your win rate falls below 50%, you are losing more than you are winning. If you are selling in areas where there is a bad fit, your win rates will be very low. When you see that systemically in an organization, it's more likely an indicator of not selling in your sweet spot, more so than selling skill. If it is isolated to one individual, then it might be selling skills,

Written by lyceum
101 days ago

Dave: Thanks for the explanation! Do you have examples of sales organizations that are good at this?

Written by lyceum
101 days ago

Dave: How often do you think it happens there you lose instead of winning?

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