Using BizSugar as a Content Promotion Tool

Using BizSugar as a Content Promotion Tool Avatar Posted by mavtrevor under Resources
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Made Hot by: AmyJordan on December 14, 2012 7:03 pm
BizSugar has grown from small business networking site for small business owners to social networking community for small business bloggers as Ileane rightly called it in an article titled " BizSugar a Social Network for Small Business".


Written by Herby
958 days ago

I did not know about BizSugar before my interview with Anita. So you can imagine my surprise from the traffic spike when it landed on the homepage.

Changed my whole way of thinking.

Written by ducatindia
961 days ago

nice article...


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Written by mavtrevor
960 days ago

Thanks for your comment

Written by adukes81
961 days ago

I just found out about this site last night and have spent quite a bit of time on here today. Looks like a fantastic community and look forward to getting to know more of you.

Written by mavtrevor
961 days ago

You are welcome....BizSugar is quite an interesting place to be as you will meet interesting people and share ideas.

Written by bigmoneyweb
961 days ago

Hi Bro, what a great write-up!.. I'm glad Bizsugar is helping you gain more exposure and will be looking forward reading more of your posts!

Written by mavtrevor
961 days ago

Thanks i will definitely write something you will like from time to time....

Written by lyceum
961 days ago

Nwosu Mavtrevor: Thanks for the spreading the good word! :)

Where are you located? I have a friend that I want you to meet. He is from Nigeria too and is working in Sweden nowadays. I did a talk on social media yesterday, arranged by the Nordic - African Association.

Written by mavtrevor
961 days ago

I a located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Written by mavtrevor
961 days ago

Which is definitely one reason for its success.

Written by smallbiztrends
962 days ago

Wow, it's so nice to see this kind of post. I know how hard the team works, and for myself, I've poured a ton of money into BizSugar to keep it spam free and rockin'. It's far easier to let something get overrun with spam, but not nearly as rewarding.

- Anita

Written by Sian Phillips
962 days ago

Great post singing the praises of Bizsugar. Just as I do too. It's a great site for networking, learning and driving traffic to your blog. Thanks for the recommendations and sharing your post on

Written by mavtrevor
962 days ago

Thanks, Bizsugar is indeed a great site for bloggers and small business owners.

Written by mavtrevor
962 days ago

Thanks for your comment, i have enjoyed my time here and will continue to remain an active member of this community.

Written by tiroberts
962 days ago

Great post, Nwosu. You've hit the nail on the head with this post. BizSugar is one of the very best places to drive massive amounts of high quality traffic. One of the most important things that I've learned about traffic generation is that the important thing to focus on is driving QUALITY traffic. This is exactly what BizSugar does.

I've had the same experience as you. When my first post hit the front page of Bizsugar, I experienced a traffic typhoon I've never seen before, lol. Plus, I loved that I was actually getting interaction and engagement from the members commenting on my posts. That's true quality traffic.

Thanks for sharing your experience with BizSugar with our community. :)


Written by amabaie
962 days ago

That's in large part because BizSugar doesn't let the spammers through the gate.

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