How To Add A Cool Floating Bar Using Shareaholic

How To Add A Cool Floating Bar Using Shareaholic Avatar Posted by nicregi under Resources
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What is Shareaholic?

Shareaholic is probably one of the most popular social sharing plugin for WordPress users. By default, it offers pretty much everything you ever need when it comes to increase social shares.

While Shareaholic has many features sardine-packed in it, users often request to have the 'floating bar' option in it.

In this tutorial, Dani has shared a step by step tutorial on ways you can build your own floating bar using Shareaholic.

Tell me what you think.

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Written by kingofcontent92
83 days ago

People tend to use a website which has great features in it which nice to the eyes.

Thank you for sharing this great features to us.

Written by tiroberts
86 days ago

Great concise tutorial, Reginald. I've always loved that neat floating sharebar and I have one on my blog just like it. :)

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