Different ways to get Post Ideas for your Blog

Different ways to get Post Ideas for your Blog Avatar Posted by geekstrack under Resources
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Users comment on your blog post if they find it to be a quality one. They put up questions to you at times because they think you to be an expert in that niche and with these you get some post ideas too.


Written by tcamba
1959 days ago

You have mentioned many great tips . Pinterest images and picking up comments on Facebook pages are really good sources of post ideas too. I was not aware of no.3 (Topsy) and no.4(Quora). Thanks for posting !

Written by BizRock
1959 days ago

Everyone sometimes have a hard time finding the right post idea to write on the blog, but everything is about inspiration and finding the right way how to inspire yourself!

Thank you for sharing this 10 great advices!

Written by ambreen11
1960 days ago

Its very nice informative tips. I am happy to read this post and i really like the post ideas for blog.I can get the great ideas to improve knowledge.Thanks

Written by mavtrevor
1960 days ago

I take notes on my mobile and P C when ideas pops up in my head, that way i have never ran out of post ideas, great publication though.

Written by tiroberts
1960 days ago

Great list of tips for post ideas, Anubhab. I especially like your tips about blog comments. This is a fantastic way to get ideas for blog posts. I regularly get ideas for blog posts from the comments my visitors leave. Another good source to get topics ideas is forums. Forums are goldmines for post ideas and I use forums on a regular basis to get my wheels turning. You can use the sort feature to sort the threads by views and quickly get an ides of the hot topics in your niche based on the number of views the thread has. Thanks for sharing this post on BizSugar.com. I appreciate your insights!


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