Bing Ads: Search Marketing You Cannot Ignore

Bing Ads: Search Marketing You Cannot Ignore Avatar Posted by tomshark under Resources
From 455 days ago
Made Hot by: thelastword on May 4, 2013 3:48 am
Street Fight: Bing Ads is getting bigger, better and stronger. Of course this is great news for everyone involved in search marketing, except maybe Google, because it means search advertising is now a two horse race, both with deep pockets and both focused on the finish line.

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Written by crom84
442 days ago

Good point Tom. I should have qualified that comment for my specific industry.

Written by crom84
447 days ago

Bing tends to have lower CPCs, but the conversion rates are also lower (compared to Google AdWords).

Written by tomshark
447 days ago

If you know of any studies on conversion rates comparing Adwords to Bing Ads, I'd love to see it. In my experience conversion rates vary greatly between verticals, industries, audiences and personas, so I think it would be difficult to say across the board that Adwords beats Bing Ads at conversion.

Written by logistico
452 days ago

I don’t think so that Bing Ads can surpass Google Ad. Google is very known even to the very young children and still building up. But if ever Bing Ads will shine, it will take a long time.

Written by tomshark
451 days ago

Don't miss the important point of this article (it's hidden in the title)...

Written by Hamayon1
452 days ago

200% agreed.

Written by Hamayon1
452 days ago

bing webmaster tools are also offering $50 coupons and I've got one can I use that outside US ?

Written by bigmoneyweb
453 days ago

Hi Tom,

I'm making plans to try Google Adwords but this your article made me to be considering Bing Ads which I think would yield good result for me. Thanks for the review.

Written by HeatherStone
455 days ago

Hi Tom,

You're take. Is this a serious competitor for the Google ad network long term? Pop over and give us your thoughts for the benefit of the whole BizSugar community.

Written by tomshark
454 days ago

Microsoft is always a serious competitor because they take the long term view, just look at their track record.

The main reason to look at Bing Ads today is they have about one third of the search market share. So, if you want to reach most of the market and not all of it, just stick with Adwords.

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