3 Steps to Write the Perfect About Us Page

3 Steps to Write the Perfect About Us Page Avatar Posted by 21Handshake under Public Relations
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It's hard to talk about yourself, isn't it? You might be afraid you're not saying enough, or that the story you're telling is boring, or worse - that you're coming across like you're bragging. Introductions are basically throwing a handful of ideas at a new, unexamined wall and seeing what sticks - simply put, it's a little nerve wracking! While the process may be uncomfortable, don't be tempted to take the easy way out and put up the same old page as the rest of the industry. Nix the forced smiling headshots and ho-hum mission statements: your About Us page should have the same conversion goals as any other page on your site. If you're not sure how to write a page that avoids these tropes, here's where to start:


Written by checkli
110 days ago

About us pages, need to get more attention. The about us page, is usually the second most visited page, behind the index page.

Try adding a submission form to the about us page. people by from people!

Written by lyceum
141 days ago

Thanks! Yes, it will be an awesome new site! ;)

Written by tiroberts
142 days ago

Awesome tips. It's important to have a good about us page.

Written by 21Handshake
141 days ago

Thanks! And so true on the good about us page.

Written by lyceum
143 days ago

I will "chew" this post in the near future, as I am in the process of creating a new website.

Written by 21Handshake
141 days ago

Awesome on the new site!

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