Outsourcing Is Not Just For Global Companies

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Last week the web was buzzing with news about “Bob” who was caught outsourcing his job to China and paying someone less than a fifth of his salary to get the job done. The interesting insight is that “Bob” had always received amazing performance reviews for his work over the past several years and did not lose his job because of his or his contractor’s quality of work. You don’t need to think that outsourcing is just for US employees who want to watch cat videos like Bob or large financial firms.


Written by johnfaust
1973 days ago

Actually the salary of an employee from either AU or US could have an equivalent 4 to 6 persons in ASIAN countries. So if the work are routine then this employee could double or triple his or her own output. This is actually good if the employee is chasing promotion and trying to impress their superior.

Written by thelostagency
1972 days ago

Thanks for the comment John, yes the cost per head can be far lower but the problem is you need good processes and briefs to get the best result even if they have a good manager onsite. I have found that if you pay too low that you need twice the support to manage the staff working on the project.

Written by HeatherStone
1973 days ago

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing your post with the BizSugar community. It should also be noted that many businesses outsource and always have...and that outsourcing does not always involve off-shoring (or hiring workers from overseas.) If you are a small business, you have probably always used an outside accountant and outside lawyer instead of hiring people in-house to do these tasks. Plus, if you've ever hired a marketing agency or an independent public relations representative, isn't this outsourcing? Hiring others to do the work outside your expertise so that you can focus on your core competency will only make your business better. It always has.

Written by thelostagency
1972 days ago

Thanks Heather I thought it would be a relevant post for the community considering how people are trying to work smarter and not harder. Yes there is a lot more to that post and I've got a few others in the pipeline that i'm working on that focus more about the off-shoring elements.

I have used these platforms to find and hire freelancer workers in Australia in the past, so there is that stereotype that it's all about getting it done cheaper overseas.

It was more about highlighting some platforms that people can use that don't require massive capital and yes I have friends who outsource their data entry of receipts before giving it to their accountants using these platforms.

There is another post or two just focusing on the high/low value items being outsourced or not outsourced.

Certainly think the idea has room to grow and is becoming more accepted as it becomes easier to do.

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