YouTube 101 Your Path To a Better YouTube Channel Part 1

YouTube 101 Your Path To a Better YouTube Channel Part 1 Avatar Posted by Ileane under Online Marketing
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In this episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast, I share some tips and tactics that can put you on the right path so that you can start getting the visibility you want for your YouTube channel. So today, I want to do Part One of a series I’m going to call: YouTube 101 – Your Path To A Better YouTube Channel.


Written by lyceum
885 days ago

Thanks Ileane! :) Have you watched my matcha green tea recipes? ;)

Written by lyceum
885 days ago

Ileane: Thanks for the information.

Written by Ileane
885 days ago

You're welcome Martin! Looking forward to your videos.

Written by lyceum
890 days ago

Ileane: Thanks for the input

How well is YouTube is integrated with Google+ nowadays? I am writing content for a new site on the street food culture, and I started a Google+ account (but we haven't done anything with it yet) and now we are thinking of setting up a YouTube channel, creating short videos on street food (recipes, testing new products, interviews, live events, etc.). Should I create a YouTube channel, or is it included in the Google+ account I have created (but not used yet)?

Written by Ileane
886 days ago

YouTube and Google+ are no longer connected at the hip - so to speak. You can start your YouTube channel with or without a Google+ account.

Written by lyceum
891 days ago

Ileane: Thanks for creating this 101 free video course! ;) I have been thinking for a long time that I should do something with my YouTube channel! ;) I recently did some short video clips on how to make different types of Matcha green tea drinks (warm, latte, smoothie and iced). I will study your tips and tactics and get going to create content on a regular basis during next year.

Do you have an iPhone 6S+?

Written by Ileane
890 days ago

YouTube videos related to your tea drinks will do well! Especially if you mention the health benefits and show the different ways to brew them.

I have the iPhone 6 plus but I also still have my Samsung Galaxy S4 :)

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