Why You Need to Contradict Yourself

Why You Need to Contradict Yourself Avatar Posted by AmyJordan under Online Marketing
From http://www.brasstackthinking.com 623 days ago
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There was a time when I bought into the rosiest-colored world of social media hook, line, and sinker. I preached cliches about engagement, I raged against misappropriation of measurement metrics and ROI. I lauded social media as the thing that could finally make marketing into what it should have been Read more ยป

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Written by HeatherStone
619 days ago

Hi Amber,

I think many social media consultants are afraid to admit that the social Web is an evolving thing, changing everyday as we use it. Certainly, there are tips, best practices, call them what you will. But just like your business and your customers, social media isn't the same today as it was yesterday, and it won't be the same tomorrow. Buzzwords aren't a substitute for immersing yourself and learning with time. Thanks for your honesty and insight. And thanks to Amy Jordan for sharing this post with the BizSugar community!

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