Here are five reasons to feed your fly-over pages, to build internal links to those pages and to build deep links from other pages on the web when you get the chance.


Written by arbolesdenavidad
2179 days ago

Yeah, you both nailed it, that´s why a resources page or a blog are so important these days

Written by denisefay
2180 days ago

Hi David,

I've heard of fly-over states but never fly over pages. Interesting take on the stats and what to do with the pages.

It's always important to focus on all pages. I'll certainly look at my own statistics to identify my fly over pages.

Take care,


Written by HeatherStone
2181 days ago


It's rather shortsighted to simply concentrate all your attention on driving traffic to landing pages, monetized pages, etc. and forget about the other resources your site has to offer. After all, from any kind of marketing perspective, these could be the very pages that offer your visitors value and build your following and your brand, long-term goals that will bring you more traffic and more visibility ultimately translating into more business and more revenue. Thanks for the post!

Written by amabaie
2181 days ago


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