If you talk about yourself too much, or too loudly, and what happens? For one, you'll end up hoarse and your voice will be less pleasant to listen to, but the real problem lies in boring or annoying your audience. Just as it can be tiring to hear the same old stories from friends or family, your audience hears your marketing message from you pretty often. If the message is essentially the same, how can you switch it up to keep things fresh? A marketing influencer might just be the answer. Leveraging the social or celebrity power of a third party will give your potential customers something new to listen to - even if the words are more or less the same.


Written by lyceum
155 days ago

I will keep you updated! ;)

Written by lyceum
158 days ago

I would like to create a successful relationship with a specific marketing influencer, so I better read this blog post! ;)

Written by 21Handshake
156 days ago

perfect! Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

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