Google released a new update to their Local Search algorithm a few days ago and it may mean big changes in how your Google+ Local Page and website rank in the local search results.


Written by lyceum
545 days ago

Gary: Yes, you are right about the choice of names by Google.

I look forward to see the development of your site!

Written by rameshbidhuri
547 days ago

nice story i like this post..... give me some more explanation

Written by GaryShouldis
545 days ago

Thanks Rameshbidhuri, hopefully it gave you a good explanation of this latest update, cheers

Written by lyceum
547 days ago

Rameshbidhuri: How about adding the word, "please" to your comment?! ;)

Written by lyceum
547 days ago

Gary: What will be next animal name? Duck (Duck Go search engine;) "in a row" for local SEO?! ;)

Btw: Have you change your site template and added a new logotype? What is the red, green blue colors standing for? :)

Written by GaryShouldis
545 days ago

Hey Martin: Yes, they are getting creative with the updates, but at least they are easy to remember. I changed the template about a year ago, it's an interim theme until I have time to design a custom one. I was getting sick of the old design.

Written by tiroberts
550 days ago

Interesting article. There's still so many updates going on with Google and I feel for the SMB that are being affected by them. Thanks for sharing your insights on the changes and potential solutions. :)

Written by GaryShouldis
549 days ago

Thanks Ti! Yes, Google changes the rules so often, it's not fair for the SMB's as they have no chance keeping up with all of the changes. What is white hat one day is black hat the next.

Written by 27will
557 days ago

Great and informative article! Local SEO is so important for so many small businesses that ignoring it can be the kiss of death. Your recommendations were clear and intuitive for business owners who don't have a strong grasp on SEO mechanics, so I could see this article really helping people who take the time to read and act on it. Good stuff.

Written by GaryShouldis
556 days ago

Thanks. Google is localizing search more and more every year. This is an advantage for small, local businesses as they now have an advantage over bigger brands. But it still requires knowledge and work to get it right.

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