Tips For More Effective Blogging

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Made Hot by: Ruth Stone on May 9, 2013 5:01 am
No matter what business you're in, a blog can be an effective online marketing tool for your company or brand...if it's done correctly. The trouble is sometimes even the pros fall short of making the most of their company blog. Try these simple tips aimed at improving the quality of your content and the reputation of your brand from Rob Parsons at Trafficado.


Written by QueenMaa
842 days ago

Very informative blog post! Keeping a notebook definitely comes in handy. I write my blog post titles in a notebook. Once I come up with the title it is pretty easy to write the rest of the blog post.

Written by lyceum
842 days ago

On a lighter note: Love the name of Rob Parsons's blog, Trafficado! I am getting hungry for an avocado dish now! :)

Written by MarkT
842 days ago

Hey Rob,

Finding ideas to write about that actually connect with your audience is what most bloggers seem to have a problem with. I think this is because bloggers all too often skip the step of doing research into what their readers are having problems with before they begin the brainstorming process.

Really well done post :)

- Mark T.

Written by Sian Phillips
844 days ago

Great tips Rob. I'm forever thinking of things to write about when I'm walking or driving so I use my iPhone recorder to keep my notes.

A colleague also recommended that you use your clients questions to answer in a blog post because if they are wondering then you're guaranteed others would be too.

Thanks for sharing on

Written by HeatherStone
844 days ago

Hi Rob,

I'm sure all of us have had these things drilled into our heads from time to time without having a good idea of how they work together to maximize your blog's effectiveness and your online business brand. Thanks to Small Business Tribe for sharing this post with the BizSugar community.

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