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Should You Use Google’s New Disavow Tool? - Avatar Posted by LeslieGilmour under Online Marketing
From 547 days ago
Made Hot by: ldfushan on October 21, 2012 11:33 pm
Now we have the disavow tool in Google Webmaster Central - but should you use it? And for what links should it be used?

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Written by Pixel_pro
540 days ago

Great article. . . I'm kinda skeptical about the new Disavow tool and the future of backlinks. I think I'd rather wait to get a notice in Webmaster Tools before jumping the gun and start removing links I've worked hard to get.

Written by BizRock
541 days ago

True, Google is already so confusing and its really hard to keep up with every update. But that is good. Everyday search engines are better and better!

Thank you for sharing!

Written by marciabiz
541 days ago

I'm with you, Ileane. I think it may cause confusion. Google is already so confusing. For most small biz peeps it is nearly impossible to keep up on what's changing.

Written by LeslieGilmour
546 days ago

It will be interesting to hear what the first results are like in a few weeks time and how many people ask Google to disavow all their links...

Written by HeatherStone
546 days ago


Thanks for the overview. For many in the site development community, this really is a source of some concern. Everyone worries about those backlinks that don't look quite right, but the task of figuring out which are OK and which should be disavowed can be daunting. Thanks for the push in the right direction!

Written by Ileane
547 days ago

I hope people pay attention to the guidelines of when and how to use this tool. I have a feeling that the instructions will cause confusion for some who aren't listening carefully. Thanks for the advice

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