Just when I was starting to get the hang of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, I saw this:

“Keyword Tool will no longer be available in the next few months. To get keyword ideas, try the new Keyword Planner, which makes keyword research even easier.”

Of course, I was curious because I had no problem with the regular tool; it’s one of my favorite research tools. So what does this Keyword Planner look like anyway?


Written by robertbrady
1484 days ago

The data will still be available, but the tool definitely has a more "AdWords" feel to it. Google continues to move away from the free model to paid channels as investors demand returns and competitors trim profits.

Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1484 days ago

They may not want to admit it but Google is a business and money is the blood. I think you're right so lets see who they bow to whom and if this tool will become collateral damage

Written by BizPlanMentor
1487 days ago

Very timely article. Knowing my favorite keyword tool was going away I tried out the substitute tool Google is touting and it was so cumbersome I gave up. This article is very helpful. Thanks!

Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1484 days ago

Not a problem. It will be interesting to see how it evolves and much more or less cumbersome it will become Thanks

Written by bigmoneyweb
1488 days ago

I don't know much about the new tool because I'm no using the free tools for my keyword research but, the formal Google adwords tool was so awesome in keyword research so, I just pray that the keyword planner will be even better and that they don't close it soon as well. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1488 days ago

They seem to be slowly introducing people to Keyword Planner so time will tell as they roll out new features.

Written by tiroberts
1488 days ago

What??? How totally lame of Google! LOL. It seems they're 86'ing everything one after another. Hopefully you'll find the alternatives easier to use, D. Thanks for sharing with us.


Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1488 days ago

Actually, the Keyword Planner doesn't look so bad but I hope they aren't changing it to get rid of it. We'll see

Written by thecorneroffice
1488 days ago

Thanks for the warning!

Written by tcamba
1488 days ago

WHEW! I honestly thought google keyword tool would disappear from Google's arsenal of tools. Thankfully, they're just restructuring it just like what they did with google maps. Hopefully, google keyword tool won't become another google reader!

Written by SMARTSMMBiz
1488 days ago

I think too many people use it for it to sink like a stone but I hear your point. THis new iteration seems even more packed and there's more to come so I think it's going to be cool!

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