Have you been trying to market your small business online and just feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels? Focus your online promotional activities, build up your brand, and increase sales conversions with these savvy online marketing moves.


Written by tiroberts
2000 days ago

These are some fantastic tips. I especially like the Ebook marketing tip. This will be an effective way to grow your list and drive more traffic to your site in one fell swoop. This is also a passive traffic generation model, so you'll only have to set this funnel up once and it could potentially send you hundreds of new visitors to your site for a long time.

Thanks for sharing this post with our BizSugar community. I appreciate it!


Written by Adam_Gottlieb
2000 days ago

Hi Ti,

Yes, ebook marketing can be a powerful traffic generating, brand-building tool, and the best part is that you can often re-use a lot of the content you've already produced to put it together. I think many business owners get intimidated by the "book" part of ebook. They may not realize that the definition of an ebook is very flexible.

Written by kellymccausey
2000 days ago

I haven't heard the term 'newsjacking' before. Thanks for the ideas :)

Written by Adam_Gottlieb
2000 days ago

Me neither :)

One of my secret goals in hosting guest authors is education. A lot of ideas I've never heard before (or don't know enough about), can just come to me, instead of me having to search for them.

Written by ShawnHessinger
2000 days ago

Thanks, Spencer. And thanks to Adam for publishing this post. I think increasingly niche social networks aimed at specific communities (like BizSugar aimed specifically at small business owners and operators) are really a great alternative to the bigger social networks. But one thing to remember even with huge sites like Facebook and Twitter is that you are not really competing against everyone. Done right, you should be focusing on and growing a very specific community. This comes from engaging rather than broadcasting and building relationships rather than just making connections.

Written by Adam_Gottlieb
2000 days ago

A hundred percent... I look at it this way: with niche social networking sites, such as BizSugar, a space has already been created for you to promote your content and engage with like-minded people. With the bigger social sites, you often have to bring a shovel and a knife and carve out that space for yourself. There are benefits to the extra work, though. Because you are being forced to develop connections, those connections and the content you put in often come out stronger.

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