As a YouTuber, you’ll need some creative ideas and strategies to get more views on YouTube and grow your audience. In this post, I’ll cover one of the awesome features you can take advantage of to help you get more YouTube video views and get more YouTube subscribers on your channel.

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Written by tiroberts
522 days ago

Wonderful post, Ileane.

YouTube is such a diverse platform and I love that there's so many features available to help us grow our following; however, the features are confusing and I haven't really made the time to tinker with them to figure them out.

Annotations are a really engaging feature. I've used them a bit in my own videos but admittedly not as much as I should. From what little bit I have used them, I've noticed a increase in the views that I get to my other videos, which proves their effectiveness in increasing views.

It's been a while since I've recorded and uploaded a video to YT. I really need to get back on it. I miss being in front of the camera and the increased engagement they invoke from my audience.

Thanks for sharing this guide with us, Ileane. I appreciate it! :)


Written by Ileane
522 days ago

That's right Ti. You are good in front of the camera and long overdue. Hope to see more videos from you soon!

Written by sundaydriver
522 days ago

What a great post Ileane. I'll gonna apply what i'd learned here. Do you think I can beat the number of views of Gangnam style music video? What a moon-punch dream.

Written by bigmoneyweb
523 days ago

A very awesome and informative post as always Ileane. YouTube has really perform lots of wonders for people when it comes to driving traffic and even generating revenue. I've not been so serious with my video marketing but, its something I really have to pay more attention to. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


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